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The Right Tools to Get the Job Done

Posted on June 11 2014 by Joe Jones

When working on any sort of home improvement project, anyone who has done their own work on the project knows that having the right tools will make the job much easier to get done. Having the right tools doesn’t mean the job won’t have its complications and other road blocks, but when you need to use your tools they will get their part done. Some jobs will only require a one or two tools, while others will require much more. Even if you start a job thinking you have the right tools, it is always a good idea to have other tools-just in case.

I remember a job that I once worked on with some of our good friends. We decided that we wanted to install some shelves in our basement storage room. We first started out using a measuring tape to get dimensions and ideas on what kind of materials we would need. The next step was to get everything that was in the storage area, out. This part didn’t require many tools, but we did need to use some hammers to take out some nails that were already in the walls. We also used a drill to take out any screws that we found in the walls. After this was done, we used a broom to sweep up the rest of the dirt and other things that had collected on the ground.

The Right Tools to Get the Job Done

As a part of our project, we decided to add another light to the room. So we needed to have the right tools to cut wires, connect them, and install the new base for the light. Having a light made the room easier to see so we could get the rest of the project done. We measured out the distances for shelving strips and added braces to make them more secure. When we started installing the shelves, we realized that the level we had was too short to determine whether or not the shelves were level. The room that we were putting shelves in was longer than wider so the shelves stretched over long distances, this is why we needed to make sure they were level, especially since we were planning on having glass jars and canned food on some of the shelves we installed. With the right tools, we got this job done. That’s not always how my projects have turned out.

One simple example that has always stayed with me was when I needed to unhook our washer so we could take it to the new place we were moving into. I was a newlywed and I thought I could get the water supply hoses off using a regular set of needle nose pliers-big mistake. I couldn’t get a tight grip on the connections because the pliers kept slipping off. After wrapping some rags around the connections, I was able to get them off. I didn’t want to have to do this again, so I went and bought channel lock pliers. They worked a lot better and I didn’t have to wrap a rag around the connections. To find the right tools you need, click here.

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