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Changing the Color of a Nightstand

Posted on June 24 2014 by Joe Jones

When my wife and I found out that we would be having a baby, we were both excited to buy things for the nursery and to customize it the way that we wanted it to be done. We found out that we were having a girl and we got to work putting her room together! We found a white dresser that was a great price, and this helped us decide what other things we would be getting, one of which was a white glider (rocker). We also had a night stand in our room that we didn’t really use, but it was a wood color. We decided that we would paint it to match the other furniture in the room.

One summer day, when I had a day off at work, I got up early in the morning to get started on the project. Using a handheld sander that I borrowed from my in-laws, I started removing the old finish. After a couple hours and changing the sanding pad a few times, the majority of the old color was removed. With a wet rag, I wiped off all the debris from sanding and let the night stand sit out in the sun for a while. Once it was dry, I got some white paint ready, and got to work. With the brush I followed the grain of the wood and within about an hour, I was done! My wife painted the drawer handles and once the paint was dry, we put it in our little girl’s room! It wasn’t perfect, but we still felt proud about it!

Changing the Color of a Nightstand
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